FAQ about Doula’s

1. Why would I hire a doula?

As your doula, I am here for you right from the time that you hire me. I can answer questions and help you to find answers. I have resources available to help you if need be. Not only am I here for you emotionally and physically during your labor and birth but I am here for you during your pregnancy and postpartum, to listen to your joys as well as any of your fears, concerns and frustrations that you may have.

Although doctors and nurses are wonderful, they are busy and can come and go during your stay in the hospital and will completely change if you are there during a shift change. I will be there for you the entire time and can also be there for you while you are in labor, prior to going to the hospital or perhaps you are having a home birth. Our relationship is based on trust and friendship. We know each other quite well by the time that you are in labor which is comforting for a laboring woman. A comfortable woman feels safe in her environment to give 100 percent focus to herself and her baby.

2. I have a midwife. Why would I hire a doula?

I love working with many medical professionals and that includes midwives. We work well together. A midwife still must do all of the medical necessities that need to be done which leaves me to give 100 percent focus on just you and your partner.

3. What if my partner/husband is worried about being left out if we have a doula?  

We work with partners/husbands on whatever level they require. If they want to be very involved, we  stand back and can guide them with suggestions on how to help their partners if they wish. If they want to be less involved, we can be at the forefront and have the partner/husband involved if or when they chose to. They may also want to be there just to hold your hand or to provide whatever support they are comfortable with. As your doula, I work with everyone’s wishes including those of your partner.

Dads are often very grateful for doulas as they feel supported, secure and safe as well. Plus they can get out for a break or have a quick snooze without feeling the guilt of leaving their partner/wife alone.

4. How does your fee structure work?

I usually collect half of my fee when you sign my contract and the other half two weeks before your estimated due date.

5. Do you provide a payment plan?

Yes I provide an interest free payment plan that suits your needs. This usually consists of post-dated cheques.

6. If I have a cesarean section do you still attend the birth?

Yes I still attend your cesarean section. Cesarean births can be lovely births as well.

7. What if you are unavailable when I go into labor?

I advise you of times where I may be unavailable. During those times I have a group of lovely doulas that back me up and will be there for you if for some unforeseen reason I cannot be.

8. How long have you been a doula?

I received my doula training in 2001 and have attended well over 100 births.

9. Are you a certified doula?

Yes I am certified through CAPPA which is a professional birthing organization. Certification includes completing an exam, essays, required reading and evaluations by doctors, nurses and clients. I also continue to complete a specific number of education requirements, required reading and evaluations on a regular basis in order to be recertified.

10. What do you do in the two hypnosis sessions?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and certified HypnoBirthing instructor I am highly qualified to conduct hypnosis sessions. We usually do a Fear Release where you get to sit back, relax, close your eyes and release your fears about pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting. Your specific fears are incorporated into these sessions and they are tailored to suit your individual needs. We work on empowerment and confidence building. Parents move into their births with a new sense of excitement and confidence.

11. Does the partner/dad have to attend the hypnosis sessions?

They are more than welcome to attend but it is not a requirement.

12. I’m kind of scared and nervous about the hypnosis sessions. What should I expect?

This is normal for many people as it may be a new experience for them. In these sessions you get to sit back, close your eyes, move into a deep state of relaxation and just listen to me while I do all of the talking. People tell me they leave my office feeling absolutely wonderful.

13. What if I don’t want the hypnosis sessions?

You are certainly welcome to decline one or both hypnosis sessions. If that’s the case we will conduct the prenatal session without the hypnosis portion.

14. Are you still available after the birth to ask questions?

Yes I am available for any questions or concerns that you may have. I have a wide variety of resources as well if you need extra help.

 15. Will you still attend my birth if I want an epidural?

Yes this is your birth and I just want you to be happy. I am there for you with whatever you choose. Your happiness and birth satisfaction are hugely important to me.

Download the Frequently Asked Questions about Doula’s here.