Infant Massage

Cheryl is certified through the HypnoBirthing® Institute to teach Infant Massage.

You and your baby communicate with all senses….smell, sight, taste, hearing, and especially……touch.

Babies need touch to survive, they need it to thrive. Study after study has proven that. Instinctively, you knew that….the first thing you wanted to do after your sweet baby was born was to touch your babe, stroke your babe, love your babe…….

Infant massage is a wonderful and lovely way to bond with your baby.

HypnoBirthing® Infant Massage Classes will teach you basic strokes and routines to use to calm and soothe your baby, and help to establish a more blissful relationship with your baby.

But what if I didn’t use HypnoBirthing® to give birth?

HypnoBirthing® teaches parents how to relax and have a gentle, peaceful birth the way that nature intended.  HypnoBirthing® Infant Massage Classes take that relaxation a step further, by teaching parents effective ways to massage and touch their babies to help promote calm and gentle little people.

Even if you weren’t a HypnoBirthing® parent, you can still take these classes…and see great benefits. These classes will teach you to relax when interacting with your baby, and how to relax in general. Yes, you learn specific massage strokes, but you will also come away with a newfound sense of empowerment, and a new level of trust in your own natural ability to communicate with your baby.

What about the specifics?

This is a series of 5 classes, either group or individual. Each class is about an hour long, sometimes, more, sometimes less, depending on what kind of day your baby is having.

How much does it cost?

The cost of 5 group classes is $140.00.

Private classes may be available upon request and the fee will vary depending on location, travel time etc.


Learn strokes and techniques to help with colic, gas, constipation and reflux.

What are the Benefits of Infant Massage?

To Baby:

-They know they are loved!

-They know good touch, so they won’t accept bad touch

-Higher IQs

-Better Individuation

-Promotes Attachment

-Encourages muscular coordination

-Helps baby to open and straighten arms and legs

-Massage helps with digestion

-Massage teaches children the concept of Hugs, not drugs

-Fosters body acceptance and awareness

-Gives baby’s body a chance to release birth issues

-Alleviates anxiety and depression

-Reduces stress hormones

-Reduces pain

-Enhances immune system function

-Facilitates weight gain in preemies

-Relieves colic, constipation, reflux

-Improves sleep pattern

-Increases circulation

-Improves elimination of blood wastes

Infant Massage - Tranquil Journeys

To the Family:
-Dad bonds with baby as effectively through massage as Mom does with breastfeeding.

-Older children can help, stand by with lotion (and wait for their own turn!)

-Serves as a calming ritual for everyone

-Gives mom and baby a chance to communicate

-Gives Mom a chance to release birth issues

-As children age, touch gives an opportunity to reconnect.

-Massage introduces a unique level of confidence and trust between parent and child.

To Society as a whole:

-Well adjusted, well bonded babies grown up to be well adjusted adults.


Orchestrating a baby massage class is not a small feat! You have new babies, new moms and a lot of different schedules, needs and wants. But Cheryl handled it with patience, grace and love. I liked the idea of the baby massage class because I liked that it would help me comfort & soothe my baby, which for a new mom is a welcoming thought. The class proved to be more than just that ~ It was actually a beautiful way for me to get to know Meghan. Cheryl provided a warm, calming environment and the classes truly helped me feel more comfortable with Meghan, as well as I truly believed it helped her feel even more safe & secure through my touch.

We were blessed to have Cheryl in our home, guiding us through the Infant Massage practice. Baby Fatima really warmed to her gentle, intuitive approach. It’s been an almost magical experience using our sense of touch as a way to communicate with our little one. From a fathers perspective, I can say that it’s been a deeply bonding ritual.